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WikiTrailCreator is a simple tool written specifically for this site to simplify the creation of new wiki pages for trails. You can enter a trail description and images using the various tabs and boxes, save the trail, and then click Tools->Generate to automatically generate the markup code for the wiki pages.

Note that you can right click on most text boxes in the application in order to add image tags that will be replaced with links to the images during page generation.

Creating the Wiki Pages

You can then either manually follow the links from the Generate window to create new pages, copying over the generated wiki markup yourself, or you can use the automatic upload feature to upload the entire trail automatically. This feature has the potential to generate large amounts of spam, so it has been disabled by default and you will need to send an email to if you would like an activation code to enable it.


You can download version 1.0 of the tool by following this link.


If you run into any problems while using the application, please let me know by firing off an email to and I'll do my best to help you.