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Mission Statement is a non-profit site with an aim to build a single, consolidated library of information on overnight backpacking and hiking trails in and around Manitoba. By making this information easily available, hopefully more people will take the time to get out there and explore our beautiful lakes and parks.


Are you an avid backpacker or paddler? Do you know of a trail/canoe route that is off the beaten track? Why not share your know-how with other outdoor enthusiasts like you? If you would like to publish an article or information on a hiking-trail/canoe-route, then check out Help:Contents for details about how you can modify this site.

For trails/routes, the following data is particularly useful:

  • Terrain and difficulty of the trek
  • Markings (such as blazes, cairns, or poles)
  • Descriptions of campsites or huts along the way
  • Amenities (such as bear-lines or toilets)
  • Direction for getting to/from/between the trail heads
  • Dangers, warnings, and annoyances
  • Costs (park entry fees, backcountry campsite passes)
  • Relevant photos

Your contributions are appreciated!

Contact Information

For comments and inquires or to contribute new material please contact