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If you have any news announcements please feel free to add them to the list below. Add newest entries to the top of the list and don' t forget to include today's date in your post, thanks.

Added a guide to the Snowbank Lake Hiking Trail

Nov. 08, 2009 --zach.degner

I've added a guide to the Snowbank Lake Trail in BWCAW, Minnesota. Actually, I hiked this trail in early October (that weekend that it snowed like crazy) but didn't get around to writing a summary until now. This trail is a lot of fun and highly recommended for anyone who enjoyed the Mantario.

Added a guide to the South Escarpment Trail

Sep. 27, 2009 --zach.degner

I've added a guide to the South Escarpment Trail in Riding Mountain National Park. Check it out. If you see any problems with the page, feel free to update the information there.

Converted to a Wiki

Sep. 07, 2009 --zach.degner

A few weeks ago was moved over to a new host and the entire site was converted to wiki pages. Wikis are websites that use special software to serve out pages that can be edited by anyone. The software used at is the same software used by Wikipedia, the popular free web encyclopedia. You are completely free to add, update, or fix content on any of the pages in this site by clicking on the Edit button on the Views panel on your right. If you need help with this feature, check out our new Help:Contents page.

Parks Canada Freezes Fees

May 19, 2009 --zach.degner

Parks Canada has announced that they will freeze the costs of park entry and camping fees until April 1, 2011. Their website says, "this price freeze will help the tourism industry and local economies – and help more Canadians experience our treasured natural and historic places." You can read more about the freeze at their website.

New map under the trails section

May 02, 2009 --zach.degner

An interactive Google Map has been integrated into the main page that should make locating trails in the province easier. Just click on the map to view a closeup of trails in a selected area and then click on the little "hiker" icons to get more information on the trails. Additionally, trails listed under the main menu are now grouped by park for accessibility.

Free entry into Manitoba's provincial parks

Apr. 30, 2009 --zach.degner

"Manitoba Conservation has announced that there will be free park entry into provincial parks until April 30, 2011. In tough economic times, families may look for recreation closer to home, so we would like to encourage all Manitobans and visitors to Manitoba to enjoy and explore our provincial parks."

See the official bulletin at Manitoba Conservation.

Added a guide to the Baldy \ Gunn Lake Trail

Apr. 30, 2009 --zach.degner

The trails that lead up to Gunn Lake in Riding Mountain National Park are not what you would call "challenging"; however, the campsite at Gunn Lake is actually a very nice place to spend the evening. Check out our new guide to the Baldy \ Gunn Lake Trail under the trails section.

Added a guide to the J.E.T. \ Packhorse Loop

Apr. 24, 2009 --zach.degner

There is a nice, little overnight loop in Riding Mountain National Park that starts from the eastern park boundary and includes a choice of two campsites. The JET \ Packhorse Trail begins at the base of the Manitoba Escarpment and then climbs steeply to the top, where you can spend the night, before hiking back down the following morning.

Added a guide to the Sioux-Hustler Trail

Apr. 20, 2009 --zach.degner

Have you already hiked the Mantario more time than you can count? Why not try out an interesting trail in Minnesota that follows more granite ridges through the Canadian Shield. The Sioux Hustler Hiking Trail is a challenging 3-4 day wilderness hike through the Border Waters Canoe Area Wilderness directly below Quetico Provincial Park.

Added an article on winter backpacking in Manitoba

Apr. 05, 2009 --zach.degner

A new article on winter backpacking has been added to the articles section of the site. It is an attempt to shed light on some of the inherent difficulties and dangers that come with winter camping in this province. This article is by no means a complete guide, but it will at least provide a starting point if you are considering a winter hike of your own.

New trail: Tilson Lake Loop

Oct. 12, 2008 --zach.degner

A guide for the Tilson Lake Loop in Riding Mountain National Park has been added to the trails section. This scenic trail make a good two-day hike and provides views over rolling hills and open meadows. Two campsites are located along this trail next to small, isolated lakes. Please refer to the guide for more detailed information.

Added the Newfoundland Trail

Sept. 22, 2008 --zach.degner

A guide for the Newfoundland Trail in Spruce Woods Provincial Park has been added to the trails section. This trail makes an easy overnight hike and touts stunning landscapes and scenic huts. See the link above for a more detailed description of this trail. Launched

Sept. 10, 2008 --zach.degner

Welcome to, a brand new web site dedicated to backpacking, canoeing, and hiking in and around Manitoba! The forums are now working, and trail descriptions have been added for Ochre River Trail and the Mantario Hiking Trail. Additional content will be posted as it is compiled and/or submitted, so be sure to check back later for updates.